Monday, April 20, 2009

~Langit Yang mendung akan Sentiasa menyelubungiku~

The title sounds like terrible right?? well actually it really means lot to me!!

`they' put me in a cage of my own place!!!

`They' lock me up in un`suitable' place!! what the hell?? even i cannot express my self in my blog nowadays...does it really cost this much to live as 18?? tell me please!!

1st : 'They' told me as useless, never doing anythings right, what the hell???

2nd : 'They' put password in pc?? whoaa!! what I'm supposed to do???

3rd : 'They' told me I'm just 'perabiskan nasi'!! (T.T)

4rd : 'They' told me I'm addicted with comics+games...I'm doubt there is nothing problem with this..besides, I'm still can determine where is good or bad in what I'm doing..besides, I know my age is not good for 'cintan-cintun' or everythings!!

5th : 'They' tells me that my SPM is bad ('they ' just don't believe in fate) and suggest I should go find work then continue my study

Maybe this post is last post before I go 'bersara' from this blog+game, but truly i love my blog because I can express my feelings here!! so, I now want to go finding my job and leave my 'cage' as far as I can!!

To all my bloggers friend, I will continue my blog but I don't know when I will grab a pc to do my blog...

Yours Faithfully,

(Zul-9 : dilemma of stupid boy in SPM)

p/s : forgot to share u a song that great for all of you to hear..if all of u already heard it, just drop a comment, OK?? this songs will keep me to continue for my journey in life...for frank and mrs frank, hopefully u all will live happy everafter, to semestians, gud luck in ur studies, to batch 21st, u guys rocks!! and to all readers, thanx for drop by in my blog...see u all next time..

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D.I.T.T.O said...

sedihnya kolamm...
dpt matrik mane?

dibaqila said...

alamak,touching nye.isk3

amirfazwan said...

sadis sungguh...
semoga tuhan memberimu hidayah...

good luck bro!

green said...

u noe urself better bro
all bloggers luv ya..